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Soul Calibur
(bandai music apcg 9006)

Soul Calibur CD cover

composed by
Junichi Nakatsuru, Yoshihito Yano, Akitaka Tohyama
Takanori Otsuka, Hideki Tobeta

Toshinori Numata and Hiroyuki Furuhata
Director: Osamu Abukawa


The richly orchestrated score for Soul Calibur, covers the gamut of battle game styles, from Heroic marches to grandiose battle hymns to sinister themes. The resonant virtual instruments come extremely close to sounding like a one hundred ten piece orchestra.


Junichi Nakatsuru, the main composer, delivers music that captures your imagination, whisking you into the middle of combat. Two of Mr. Nakatsuru's best compositions are featured on a mini bonus CD. "Light and Darkness", the soul mix drifts between heroic and majestic themes. Truly brilliant! "Going to Where the Wind Blows", the piano mix is soulfully performed by the composer himself.

Yoshihito Yano adeptly contributes bombastic cues that have a very dark feel. The few exceptions are the triumphant "Recollection" and the Spanish sounding "Chasing the Storm".

Although Takanori Otsuka's music is short in length, it is just as powerful as the other music.

Once again, Akitaka Tohyama steals the show from the other composers (see Tekken Tag). His music is rich and vibrant, utilizing many layers of sound textures. Mr. Tohyama is also extremely adept at writing melodies that stay in your head.

The Namco soundteam once again triumphs, delivering another spectacular score worthy of the games stunning visuals and our attention.



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