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Tekken Tag Tournament
(bandai music apcg 4046)

Tekken Tag Tournament CD cover
Order from Anime Nation

composed by
Akitaka Tohyama, Yu Miyake, Nobuyoshi Sano,
Keiichi Okabe and Rio Hamamoto

Supervisor: Hiroyuki Kawada
Toshinori Numata and Hiroyuki Furuhata
Director: Osamu Abukawa

21 tracks 43:43


The fighting game genre has been dominated by the Street Fighter, Virtua Fighter and Tekken series' and as most love or hate each series for their play mechanics, the same can be said for each game's music The Tekken series of games (especially the latter entries) have a darker, grittier, urban feel.

Keeping in line with Nobuyoshi Sano's and Keiichi Okabe's Tekken 3 soundtrack, which was heavier but less melodic, Tekken Tag Tournament smashes through your speakers with gorgeous heavy beats accompanied by hypnotic electronic melodies. This time around Sano and Okabe are joined by Yu Miyake, Rio Hamamoto and Akitaka Toyama.

Toyama steals the show with several short but unforgettable tunes( Tohyoma also contributed some of the best tunes for the earlier released Soul Caliber). Sano and Okabe have once again created top notch, highly stylized tunes that really groove.

The tunes of Yu Miyake are truly magnificent, and fit the fighting action perfectly .Unfortunately for Rio Hamamoto his couple of tunes are game attracts, only a few seconds long, and nothing can be really said of them.

This disc is highly recommended, a must buy for fans of Namco and fighting game music (not for the easy listening RPG crowd).


Tekken Tag Tournament is owned by NAMCO.


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