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Star Gladiator 2
~Nightmare of Bilstein~
(suleputer cpca 1008)

Arc the Lad 3 CD cover

composed by
Takayuki Iwai and Tetsuya Shibata

executive producer : Kenichi Tanaka
Mareo Yamada a&r Hidenori Shinohara
Director: Osamu Abukawa

58 tracks 52:54



Takayuki Iwai(Warzard) and Tetsuya Shibata(Powerstone) have created a very likable soundtrack in Star Gladiator 2: Nightmare of Bilstein. While listening to this work you recognize the composers attempts to meld the intense beats of 80's metal and post modern electronic melodies.

Occasionally bites of other genres pop in (techno, urban and jazz), these secondary songs add some extra personality that prevents the disc from becoming monotonous. The soundtrack's sole detriment is the extreme brevity of its cues ( a problem with many game soundtracks). Before one can really begin to get a feel for the piece, it ends, leaving one feeling a bit empty. It is an annoyance.

Otherwise, the excellent performances and programming really engulf you into a world of futuristic warriors. An enjoyable listen for fans of Capcom and fighting games.




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