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Soul Hackers
(king records kica 5008/9)
Soul Hackers CD cover

composed by
Toshiko Tasaki, Shoji Meguro and Tsukasa Masuko

Soul Hackers is an RPG for the Sega Saturn having to do with brain jacking. However, unlike most RPG's, this cyber punk thriller by Atlus breaks boundaries in both storyline and music.

Composers Toshiko Tasaki, Shoji Meguro and Tsukasa Masuko have laced their cyber music with hints of hip hop, techno and rock. The results are moody, energetic, lyrical, hypnotic and fresh.

The music will fuel your imagination with images of darkness and light. There are a few tunes that sound typically RPGish, but this two disc set is well worth the investment, and a not-so rare-gem from an under-apprecaited soundteam.


Soul Hackers is owned by Atlus.
Images courtesy of Atlus Japan.


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