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Silent Hill 2
(King Records KMCA-120)

Silent Hill CD Cover
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composed, arranged and produced by
Akira Yamaoka

30 tracks 73:17

01. Theme of Laura 02. White Noiz 03. Forest 04. A World Of Madness
Ordinary Vanity 06. Promise (Reprise) 07. Ashes and Ghost 08. Null Moon
09. Heaven's Night 10. Alone In the Town 11. The Darkness That Lurks In Our Mind
12. Angel's Khanates 13. The Day of Night 14. Block Mind 15. Magdalene
16. Fermata in Mistic Air 17. Prisonic Fairytale 18. Love Psalm 19. Silent Heaven
20. Noone Love You 21. The Reverse Will 22. Laura Plays the Piano
23. Terror in the Depths of the Fog 24. True 25. Betrayal 26. Black Fairy
27. Theme of Laura (Reprise) 28. Overdose Delusion 29. Pianissimo Epilogue
30. Promise

I love emotional music. This Soundtrack for Silent Hill 2 is a ride through many different facets of emotion. The sound and overall feel of the soundtrack is very dark, in some places sad, in some places ambient. Most of the music centers on beautiful melodies and fear-inducing soundscapes that will make you think twice about walking down that long, dark hall. The element of sadness in the music was an obvious must because of SH2's story line, which Akira Yamaoka (Composer) does a great job of telling the story well through music. Some of the tracks are single piano compositions they create a sense of loneliness (Genius!). Some of my favorite tracks are 7. "Ashes and Ghosts," 12. "Angel's Thanatos," 18. "Love Psalm" and the very mechanical and terrifying 26. "Black Fairy." I would recommend purchasing this CD if you like the music for the game. I have seen it listed in several different places for 25.00$US and considering this masterpiece clocks in at 73:17 it is worth the money and worth the listen.

Reviewed by Tyler


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