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Street Fighter III:
Third Strike
(mars colony music mcm 10104-2)

Street Fighter III CD Cover
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composed by
Hideki Okugawa

Executive Producers
Kenichi Tanaka (Capcom), Kei Kuboki (MCM)

Produced by
Mareo Yamada

A & R

Hidenori Shinohara

Yoshinori Ono

Sound Desinger

Satoshi Ise

33 tracks 74:23

MP3 music samples
from Mars Colony Music's site

The disc for Street Fighter 3 Third Strike is another Mars Colony Music release of a CAPCOM soundtrack. The domestic release is identical to the Japanese release, except for different art work and a bonus three-inch disc that contains full-length hip hop songs performed by Canadian Rappers Infini, which were pretty good.

The composer Hideki Okugawa has created another fighting game score that contains rock, techno and hip hop with ethnic influences. Mr. Okugawa incorporates rap vocals into the "Opening Demo" and "Player Select" tunes, giving them a unique style. Both are short but sweet. The "Elena Stage" features a disco vocal and music that is cool, but goes on a little to long. The best tunes on the disc ""Chun Li," "Remy Stage," "Yun & Yang Stage" and "Gils Stage" are hard driving and slick techno tracks that will make you think you're at a local Rave! The general sound quality of this disc is excellent, but some tracks have a very muddled and distorted sound.

Although there are very few innovations (except as noted above) Mr. Okugawa has crafted a very enjoyable and listen able product: his best work to date.


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