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Parasite EveII CD cover
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composed by
Tetsuya Shibata

Executive Producers
Kenichi Tanaka (Capcom), Kei Kuboki (MCM)

Produced by
Mareo Yamada

A & R

Hidenori Shinohara

Sound Desingers

Wataru Hachisako, Hiroshi Ohno

54 tracks 59:53

MP3 music samples
from Mars Colony Music's site

Better late than never is Mars Colony's domestic release of last year's Dreamcast brawler Powerstone by CAPCOM. Tetsuya Shibata (Rival Schools, Star Gladiator 2, SF Zero 3) turns in unique compositions that mark his best work to date.

In addition to the usual techno and dance styles that fill fighting game soundtracks, Mr. Shibata uses his music to take us back to the days of the old Hollywood action serials. These musical selections are wonderfully designed and executed and a welcome addition to the fighting game soundtrack genre.

As good as the music is there are a couple of complaints. This soundtrack is late! The Japanese soundtrack was released over eighteen months ago! The second game, Powerstone 2 has already been released in Japan and the United States, a couple of months even before this disc. The short-track syndrome that plagues a lot of Japanese soundtracks. Just as you begin to enjoy the tune, the music ends. While not as bad as other next generation soundtracks (IE Rival Schools, N64's Zelda), cheap sounds are annoying to the ear.

Even with these three complaints, the rousing and heroic songs of Mr. Shibata make for a remarkably good listen. Although late the folks at Mars Colony Music should be commended for making this affordable for all. Now bring on Streets of Rage 2 and then something current.



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