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OverBlood 2
(media rings mgcd 1067)

Over Blood 2 CD Cover

composed by
Hiroaki Iwatani

arranger Toshihitaro
Toshinori Numata and Toshiei Takatsu
directors Osamu Heisikawa and Tekehiro Takaguchi

46 tracks 68:46

The two Over Blood games will always be thought of as quick rip-offs that take advantage of the popularity of CAPCOM's Resident Evil/Biohazard series. Although there is good reason to level this criticism against the games, the music, however, is a different story. In both games, (the original Over Blood was released in North America by EA), especially Over Blood 2, composer Hiroaki Iwatani, arguably, has crafted musical scores that surpass the original PSX Resident Evil/Biohazard musical series.

The opening track on the Over Blood 2 soundtrack is an eloquent and graceful repeating melody mixed with a smooth, jazzy, bass line that sets a standard for horror gaming music.

Mr. Iwatani's accomplished music never sticks to one style. Many genres are covered. Intoxicating arrangements range from hypnotic dance beats with horrific underpinnings, to pulse- pounding action cues with futuristic melodies and heroic themes, to dark, ambient themes that build the terror and suspense. The only real negatives are a several tracks that would be better suited for a Final Fantasy-style RPG than a futuristic action/horror/drama. The lone vocal track has a nicely produced backing, but the uncredited vocalist is rather weak.

The soundtrack for Over Blood 2 is rare gem that unfortunately has gotten lost among higher profile titles and sound teams. For those willing to take the time to find this wonderful disc (which just stopped printing) will come hours of enjoyment, and the knowledge that something good has not been left behind.



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