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Legion of Heroes
Rival Schools
( suleputer cpca 1002)

Legion of Heroes  CD cover

composed by
Setsuo Yamamoto

executive Producers Kenichi Tanaka
producer Mareo Yamada A&R Hidenori Shinohara
sound designer Wataru Hachisako

44 tracks 69:53

Setsuo Yamamoto's score for Legend of Heroes (Rival Schools) is a collection of Rock anthems, dance, calypso and pop music that underwhelms. It is not that Mr. Yamamoto's songs are bad; they are not. Most tracks have catchy melodies, upbeat tempos and are performed well. The major problem is the sampled voices that represent each instrument, especially the saxes. Compared to samples of other soundtracks in the fighting game genre, the sampled instruments sound primitive; reminiscent of early synthetic sounding sample technology, circa 1980's. The disc also contains sfx, drama tracks and a fun school anthem. If you can tolerate the old sounding samples you should enjoy this disc, as Mr. Yamamoto is an adept composer.


Legion of Heroes is owned by CAPCOM.


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