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Bloody Roar arcade soundtrack CD cover

composed and arranged by
Hiroki Kikuta

producers Yoshihiro Ohno, Takao Noma
directors Keiichi Ogawa, Kazuhiro Orihara, Shinichi Nakamura
synthesizer Takayuki Negishi guitar (track 17) Makoto Matsushita

Other info:
Track 1 ("Requiem") Soprano : Catherine Boot Percussion : Yak Saguaro Track 2 ("Obi caritas et amour") Composer : Marie Durable Chorus Arranger : Nick Ingrain Conductor : Michael Mccarthy Boys Chorus : The London Oratory School Track 3 ("Dead") String Arranger : Nick Ingman Violins : Maciej Rakowski, Harriet Davies Viola : Nick Barr Cello : Dave Daniels Track 32, 33, 34 (Live version) Arranged by : Naoya Akimoto Vocal : Reimi Tanaka Guitars : Naoya Akimoto Drums : Masaharu Ishikawa Bass : Motofumi Hagiwara Keyboards : Tadamasa Suzuki

34 tracks 63:43

The music used in KOUDELKA is composed by Hiroki Kikuta, The composer of "Secret of Mana+". I love "Secret of Mana+", and this time his work is beautiful as well. This album consists of four parts. "Original BGM", "BGM for battle", "BGM for movie", and "bonus tracks".

1. original BGM- Well, I don't know why this part is named as "original"...Anyway, there are three tracks recorded in London (opening theme, ending theme, and BGM for event scene). The former two are made like religious music; opening theme is a chant in clear soprano voice, ending theme is a boys chorus, like a hymn. The story of KOUDELKA is set in an abbey, and the characters talk with the souls of the dead. So it might be natural that composer, Hiroki Kikuta aimed for a religious sound. I said "religious", but these two are not so much grave as refreshing. BGM for event scene is a string quartet. It sounds sad, awing, but tender as if it heal the grief of the dead. I like it very much.

2. BGM for battle- These four tracks are used at the battle scenes and for movement in the dungeons. (Sorry I have not played the game of KOUDELKA, but I know the story from reading the novelized one.) These are arranged (mainly) with the flute like kena, strings, drums, and percussion's. There is also Celtic influenced folk music, which is part of the story. It creates a kind of tension as if going in to a dungeon. The flute has a slightly sad tone, but the positive melody mainly composed with high notes is not melancholy. Though the game is placed as "gothic horror adventure", there's no fearful impression. With these tracks I feel some positive attitude, strong will, and slight sorrow. I think it may be related with the life of Koudelka Iasant,the heroine of the game.

3. BGM for movie- There are many, short tracks reminiscent of a "horror movie". Probably these tracks have had their length customized for the movies, so it's difficult to comment about each of them itself.

4. Bonus tracks- According to the liner notes, these live-take remixes are recorded at the press release party of KOUDELKA. "Waterfall" is standard remix for fusion band. Good remix, but too ordinary for me. "Incantation" is very interesting remix. Mysterious vocals of Reimi Tanaka and religious chorus (says "Amen"), I feel has a great atmosphere. I think this remix may be the true form Kikuta aims, rather than original one. "Patience" is a slow ballad played by solo guitar. It is totally different from the original form, and its lyric remix is suitable for the end of this album.

As I listened to this album, I felt Kikuta's earnest attitude toward composition. Recently a large number of game music albums have been released, but most are not serious enough (for me, at least). As a fan of game music, I wish there were more interesting works like this album of KOUDELKA.

Reviewed by
Tetsushi Naito

Tetsushi is the web master of Sakasakoma-beya(see links), a site dedicated to the music of Zuntata. Go game Music!!




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