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Gran Turismo
(sony records srcl 4269)

Gran Turismo CD cover
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composed by
Masahiro Andoh (1-12)
and Isamu Ohira (13-21)

songs 1-12 produced by
Masahiro Andoh & Ted Namba

lyrics (11,12)
Ted Namba & Amanda Cooke
Joseph Williams (11) Pauline Wilson (12)
songs 13-21 arranged by
Isamu Ohira
recorded and mixed by
Shinjiro Ikeda

21 tracks 75:35

The soundtrack for Gran Turismo is a spectacular showcase of blazing guitar rock and sweet, slick, jazz music that makes you want hop into whatever you drive and burn rubber!

The meat of the, disc penned by Masahiro Andoh of T Square is a tightly produced collection of songs that will knock your socks off. Tracks like "Moon Over the Castle," "Kiss You Goodbye," "Get Closer"and "Nobody" soar to a higher level with their energy and masterful guitar riffs courtesy, of Mr. Andoh. "Green Monster" is equal to the task, but has Mr. Andoh joined by axemen Doug Bossi and Michael Landau.

Steve Tavaglione's soulful, tenor sax soars in the jazz selections "Freedom to Win" and "Like the Wind." " A Man of the World" is a 70's style jazz track that features co-producer Ted Namba's cool keyboards and Mr. Andoh's George Benson-influenced guitar.

The two vocal tracks are decent, but are overshadowed by the amazing instrumentals.

The second part of this disc, labeled "bonus tracks," features the menu music by Isamu Ohira. Mr. Ohira's work is equally good jazz music that complements Mr. Andoh's music, although the sound quality is not as crisp.

This is the ultimate representation of what music should be for driving in a game and in real life!



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