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Front Mission 3
(digicube sscx 10035)

Front Mission 3 CD cover
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composed, arranged and produced by
Koji Hayama and Hayato Matsuo
track 1 composed & arranged by

sound programmer Minoru Akao synthesizer programmer Hirosato Noda
executive producer Nobuo Uematsu

disc 1: 25 tracks 77m 17s disc 2: 22 tracks 72m 19s


Squaresoft and its new division, Square Sounds (headed by Nobuo Uematsu,) have always had a reputation for having top-notch composers (Hayama is not a Square regular.) The Square composers have been known for creating music that is a step above the competition, and (with rare exception,) this is true. Although Rocketbaby has not had the pleasure of playing FM3 (RB loved FM1, FM2 & FMA), the sound track has found its way into Rocketbaby's CD player, which made RB very happy. Unfortunately, Rocketbaby's big smile quickly turned into a big frown, as this 2 CD set is way below the usual Squaresoft quality. While credit must be given to the developers for going in a different musical direction than previous Front Missions, they nonetheless should have been more careful. Composers Koji Hayama (Sega Saturn's Gran Chasher) and Hayato Matsuo have crafted a musical score that contains competantly orchestrated action cues, but the majority of tracks are "we are trying to be cool" 80's retro dance music.

This release should have been limited to one disc, as 80% of the music is below par (most of the good cues are on disc 2) and does not meet the standard of Hayama's or Matsuo's previous work. Shigeki's lone track is not much better. Game and film music lovers always want more music, but in this case less is better. This release is for the Squaresoft music fanatic only.


Front Mission 3 is owned by Squaresoft.

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