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Dino Crisis 2
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composed by
Sayaka Fujita and Makoto Tomozawa

Executive Producers
Kenichi Tanaka

Produced by
Mareo Yamada

A & R

Hidenori Shinohara

Sound Desinger
Atsushi Mori, Masayoshi Umezu, Noriko Ando

50 tracks 62:24

Once again CAPCOM returns to the land of dinosaurs with the sequel to last years lackluster Dino Crisis. Returning to handle the scoring duties for Dino Crisis 2 are Sayaka Fujita and Makato Tomozawa (Rockman Dash) whose previous Dino Crisis soundtrack was good but not memorable.

This time, However, Ms. Fujita and Mr. Tomozawa turn in a score that at times is more robust ("Opening Movie") and other times more thoughtful ("Theme of Dino Crisis"). While the music may be reminiscent of the bombastic and ambient qualities of the original, this work benefits from the composers addition of varied percussion styles: tribal syncopation, military marches, urban and techno. The haunting underpinnings of a realistic sounding Bulgarian women's choir throughout the score gives the electronic music some pathos.

Tracks 45-49 are remixes of Dino Crisis 2 music, ranging form funky techno to electronic orchestra to hard rock that add extra depth to the original versions. The most enjoyable composition is the brief "Theme of Dino Crisis 2." The poignant melody is backed by subdued urban and military percussion, nifty electronics and ethereal vocals.

The only drawback, as mentioned before, is the disc's heavy reliance on several primary tracks that are nearly identical to the original disc. However, the newer themes, styles, even the throwbacks are so well done that the Dino Crisis 2 soundtrack is a considerably gratifying listen. Kudos to Sayaka Fujita and Makato Tomozawa.



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