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Dino Crisis
(USA- mars colony music mcm-10102)
(JPN- suleputer cpca 1029)

Dino Crisis CD cover
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composed by
Makoto Tomozawa, Sayaka Fujita, Akari Kaida

executive Producer Kenichi Tanaka producer Mareo Yamada
Hidenori Shinohara sound designer Atsushi Mori

66 tracks 69m 53s

MP3 and Real Media samples
(from Mars Colony Music website)

The music for Dino Crisis is bombastic, frenetic, suspenseful, noisy and like the game the music is a variation of the Biohazard/Resident Evil series.

The main composer Makato Tomozowa (Rockman/Mega Man Dash) and Sayaka Fujita and Akari Kaida adeptly move the score along. Although the music is well produced and fits the action only a handful of the 66 tracks stand out. Highlights are the wonderfully eerie "You Have Mail", the frightening action of "Abandoned Hope", the edgy/suspenseful "The Elusive Dr. Kirk" and the peaceful save room theme "Set You at Ease".

The last 16 tracks are the best on the disc, each piece of music is an excellent representation of the entire score. In the end the music for Dino Crisis is good, but not memorable. For die hard action fans only.

This is one of the first CD's released by Mars Colony Music (the other being "Resident Evil 3") and we are very happy to have the chance to listen to the domestic release . We look forward to their future releases.



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