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The Bouncer
(TokyoPop Soundtrax tp cd 0201-2)

The Bouncer CD Cover
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composed, arranged and produced by
Noriko Matsueda & Takahito Eguchi

sound programming
Hitoshi Ohori & Satoshi Akamatsu
Synthesizer programming
Hidenori Iwasaki

written by Noriko Matsueda & Takahito Eguchi and Takashi Tokita
vocals by
Reiko Noda

21 tracks 64:20

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The Bouncer is a unique fighting game created by the minds at Dream Factory and Squaresoft. It features a nice fighting engine, gorgeous graphics and cinemas, and some kick ass music

. This breakout score by the under-appreciated Square composer, Noriko Matsueda (Front Mission 2) and her most recent musical partner, Takahito Eguchi, deliver a super charged dose of rock, jazz and techno music that will knock your socks off.

Disc Standouts:

"Sion Barzahd" is a fast-paced blend of blazing guitar riffs (Yoko Ueno), techno beats and some sweet, jazzy piano. "Volt Krueger" is a down and dirty rock tune with screaming guitars infused with some slick keyboard riffs. In the opposite direction "Distant Rain: The Cross Children" is a sad piano motif layered with interesting electronics. "Owaranaimono" contains The Bouncer theme song "Forevermore." Starting with a variation of the sad "Distant Rain" motif it builds into a beautiful layer of strings, then fades into the song. "Forevermore", performed by Reiko Noda, is a very lovely upbeat ballad. Ms. Noda contributes a fine vocal performance.

Each Square brawler produced by Dream Factory has a distinctive sound. From Yasunori Mitsuda's quirky production for Tobal No. 1 to Takayuki Nakamura's stylish Tobal 2 and Ehrgeiz the soundtracks are among the best in the genre. The Bouncer does not disappoint, and arguably could be the best of the group. Tokyopop has chosen another winner to bring to the United States.


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