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Blue Stinger
(nippon columbia cocx 30238)

Blue Stinger CD cover

composed by
Toshihiko Sahashi
produced by Shinya Nishigaki

The score for Blue Stinger starts off with a bang. With the exception of a few segments, composer Toshihiko Sahashi never lets the listener rest for more than a few moments during this non-stop action-fest.

From start to finish, Mr. Sahashi livens up the pace of this survival horror/action game with music that equally conveys terror , suspense, action with some elegant calming sections. There is even a hyper cutesy Christmas track. The score easily rivals the music of Hollywood action maestros James Horner, Alan Silvestri and Michael Kamen.

So if you are a fan of bombastic orchestral music with a little variety thrown in, this disc is for you, but if you are looking for music that has lots of variety you might want to look else where. Look out Hollywood here comes Toshihiko Sahashi, as Its is only a matter of time before we see his name on the big screen.

A very good listen.




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