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Resident Evil CODE: Veronica
(JPN-suleputer cpca 1037/3" disc cpca 1009)
(USA-tokyopop Soundtrax tpcd 0205-2)

Biohazard CODE: Veronica CD cover
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composed by
Takeshi Miura, Hiziri Anze, Sanae Kasahara

Executive Producer Kenichi Tanaka Producer Mareo Yamada
Hidenori Shinohara Sound Planning Yoshihide Ando

Like the game, the music for Biohazard CODE: Veronica sets a new standard for the series. The composers have crafted a score that is heroic and frightening, without compromising the quality of the previous games.

The dogs of war-dcClaire in Ashford compound-dc

The music for BHC:V has a much grander feel; like a big budget film score. The pumped up action of the game receives fantastic musical cues that range from bombastic zombie/mutant on slaughts("Pulsing Right Arm") to the heroic theme("To Antarctica") of Chris traveling to the Antarctica(the best BH/RE cue).

There is, however, one small misstep on the composers part: Toward the end of the game during a battle segment, the use of a synthetic voice lowers the overall impact of the music. How could they not use the voice of a real Soprano!

Claire is not alone psx2Do you know me? psx2

Another large portion of music on the CD and in the game falls under the category of exploration. Music styles range from lavish, symphonic arrangements to minimal, ambient interludes that seem more melodic than previous games.

The core of any Biohazard game is the fright factor. Previous games have successfully given us scary tunes, but in BHC:V the scary cues("Death Siege" and "Putrid Smell") are bone chilling, eerie and down right frightening. The themes of Tyrant 3 (versions A & B) and "The theme of Nosferatu" are fantastic action/horror cues.


Probably the most overlooked musical cues in any of the previous games have been the save room themes. Always beautiful and restful, they give us a chance to catch our breathe. BHC:V's save theme is arguably the best of the bunch. It's soft melodic theme is not unlike that of previous games.

Other themes encompass melancholy melodies, such as the death of Alexander and the resurrection of Alexia("The Ending of the Beginning"). The yearning of the music, almost for a brief moment, makes one sympathetic to Alexander and Alexia. Other bits of music are all excellent from the jazzy end title to the King's nursery rhyme.

Are they lovers?

As the Biohazard/Resident Evil series grows, so does the music. This is the best in the series thus far, encompassing several styles of music: A must for your collection!


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