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(digicube sscx 10021)

Arc the Lad 3 CD cover

composed, arranged, mixed and produced by
Masaharu Iwata

track 15 produced, arranged and mixed by : John Pee
track 16 produced, arranged and mixed by
Toshiaki Sakoda

18 tracks 42:54

Top Tracks
(Real Media)
Great Heat 20320514     One foot in the grave     Hold Baroque Inside


The dark atmosphere of Baroque starts with an explosion from your stereo speakers as the mechanical rhythms, thunderous beats, and the haunting theme of the main title "Great Heat 20320514" begins to manipulate your state of mind. Masaharu Iwata's score for this twisted First Person shooter is an eclectic blend of menacing rhythms and grim melodies.

On several tracks Mr. Iwata is able to manipulate the spooky, melancholy motifs so that they actually appear as uplifting and optimistic. Other cues utilize a gothic sounding synthetic choir that steeps the listener in dread. The down side to Mr. Iwata's work is that several cues rely on moody ambient tones, combined with gimmicky sound effects that detract from the deliciously bleak sound.

If you like your music to send shivers down your back when you listen day or night, then this soundtrack is for you.




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