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Arc the Lad 3
(village-a vrch 5002)

Arc the Lad 3 CD cover

composed by
Masahiro Ando

Supervisor: Hiroyuki Kawada
Toshinori Numata and Hiroyuki Furuhata
Director: Osamu Abukawa

Following the example of previous entries in the series, Arc the Lad 3 opens with a couple of stunning symphonic overtures.

In general, a portion of the music by Masahira Ando is very likeable, but typically RPGish. Many of these tunes could easily be interchanged with any other game in the genre. Where Mr. Ando's music excels is in his use of a non traditional RPG musical influence. Jazz, pop, rock and ethnic riffs are cool and pleasant to the ear.

The work allows Mr. Ando to expertly meld his pop/rock styles with traditional RPG styles providing something for everyone Kanate Asamizu's "Way to the Earth" is a special addition to the sound track that furthers the sense of adventure. The score for Arc the Lad 3 is a generous entry to the series, with 58 tracks, and an enjoyable listening experience.




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