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Alundra 2
The Mystery of Machinevolution
(spe visual works svwc 7050)

Alundra 2 CD cover

composed, arranged, produced by
Kohei Tanaka

"Carry on Every Day" performed by
Saeko Chiba

Kohei Tanaka's score for Alundra 2, with its lighthearted tone is a joy to hear. The cool, easy-listening soundtrack varies its tone between folk type interludes, pulsing, over-the-top action music that never seems to take itself seriously and occasionally a scary tune.

Although sometimes sounding very traditional from an RPG standpoint, Mr. Tanaka's music is orchestrated in such a savvy manner, that it never seems old. Thematically, melodies are rich, vibrant and whimsical, and encompass most musical genres and a multitude of ethnic styles. A standout is "Carry on Every Day" a funky upbeat song, wonderfully performed by Saeko Chiba. The ending song, also sung by Ms. Chiba is a fabulous jazz ballad that puts a nice ending to everything.

Alundra 2 is a lighthearted score that is not lightweight in the quality department. It is a true gem and worthwhile listen.


Alundra 2 is owned by SONY.


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